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Random Niche Business Ideas

10 Random Niche Business Ideas

Instead of choosing trending business niches to write about we are going to instead write about 10 random niche business ideas that are totally unrelated. Coming up with a random niche business idea is of course, well you guessed it, random!

Random Niche Business Idea #1 – Mermaid Niche

Learning how to become a mermaid or merman takes a little skill and, of course, a tail! Believe it or not, there are actually courses on how to learn this skill. It is a small industry, but when there is a need for a mermaid, well if you have the skills, you have found a good niche. Whether it is profitable or not is debatable but if this is what you love doing for fun, then make sure employers know where to find you. There is actually a mermaid directory where you can list yourself.

Random Niche Business Idea #2 – Send Me Something Random Niche Store

Some people just love buying things online so this random niche business idea is perfect if you want to capture this market. There is an online store called Something Store that actually sells a random product for around $10.

Random Niche Business Idea #3 – Rent a Mourner Niche

This is a great random niche business idea if you don’t mind getting into this type of business. For whatever reason some people who are managing the funeral of another may want to have more people attend. There is a business in the UK that provides a rent a mourner service which is definitely a niche service.

Random Niche Business Idea #4 – Pizza Vending Machine Niche

If you know how to make a good pizza then the pizza vending machine niche is a great niche business to start. One business in Sydney operates these machines and the pizza is made in the machine in only 3 minutes.

Random Niche Business Idea #5 – Running Pants With Phone Holder Niche

As more and people use their phones to access apps whilst exercising there is a growing need for pants that have a pocket for a phone. This is not so much as such a random idea but one I thought of when I went for a run this morning and had nowhere to put my phone.

Random Niche Business Idea #6 – Ice Cream Flavor Creator Niche

The ice-cream flavor creator niche is perfect for those with a sweet-tooth and who love ice-cream. If you own your own ice-cream business and have trouble thinking of new flavors then why not outsource this component of your business to someone who is creative and has a great taste for ice-cream?

Random Niche Business Idea #7 – Heated Dog Bed Niche

If you love dogs and care for their well-being and know how to manufacture a heated dog bed then this is a perfect niche product.

Random Niche Business Idea #8 – Seniors Job Website Niche

Many seniors would still like to work but it is very hard for seniors to compete against younger job-seekers. Websites that advertise jobs for seniors do exist but more competition in this space would be fantastic.

Random Niche Business Idea #9 – Backyard Dog Poo Cleanup

Cleaning up dog poo is not fun and for some people it is actually difficult to do at all due to physical limitations so they would pay someone to come and do it for them. This is a great niche to get into as you could charge a decent fee for this service.

Random Niche Business Idea #10 – Election Assistance App

For some people, deciding who to vote for in elections is difficult. An app that helps people decide who to vote for based on their ideals and preferences towards a range of topics would be a great help.

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