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Best Niche Business Ideas for 2016

5 Cool Niche Business Ideas for 2016

Every year niche business ideas change as what was relevant last year or last decade is not necessarily relevant today. As our digital changes, more and more opportunities arise. In the past decade, social media networks have boomed, and the digital landscape has changed enormously.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #1 – The Instagram Consulting Niche

More and more businesses and individuals are using Instagram as a way to connect to their audience. Some individuals who joined Instagram back when it first started are now big stars on the platform and get paid by big companies to endorse their products. Some of these people have definitely found their niche business idea in Instagram consulting and charge big bucks to campaign and market for them. Since Instagram has a reach of over 100’s of thousands of users, then it is definitely a growing niche.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #2 – The Food Truck Niche

Wow, these have really exploded this year, and we love the delicious treats these food trucks dish up. Street food has become some popular this decade, and more people want to run a business that they are passionate about and one that offers them to work from different locations (of course, some have fixed locations which they pay for). Buying a food truck is a much cheaper option than a bricks and mortar site and will be an exciting niche to watch.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #3 – Bamboo Clothing Niche

As people become more interested in natural and organic products, the bamboo clothing niche is one to watch. Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable products to make them feel like they are helping the environment and not contributing to the destruction of it.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #4 – Reselling Weetbix Niche

This niche idea is for a bit a laugh, but no, seriously the Chinese have gone mad for it. First it was Australian baby formula, and now Weetbix! It appeared on some popular Chinese TV sitcom and now the Weetbix factory has gone into overdrive! Some people are apparently selling it online for approximately $50 (it only retails on supermarket shelves for a few dollars), which is a pretty good return on investment!

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #5 – Niche Online Weight-Loss Programs

The weight-loss niche has a lot of competition but it is still growing rapidly which obviously means that there is more room for growth. The trick here is to find a point of difference and a recent one that I saw was combining a weight loss program with a hormone supplement which would be of great interest to those who wish to lose weight and also have a hormone problem.


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