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Random Niche Business Ideas

10 Random Niche Business Ideas

Instead of choosing trending business niches to write about we are going to instead write about 10 random niche business ideas that are totally unrelated. Coming up with a random niche business idea is of course, well you guessed it, random!

Random Niche Business Idea #1 – Mermaid Niche

Learning how to become a mermaid or merman takes a little skill and, of course, a tail! Believe it or not, there are actually courses on how to learn this skill. It is a small industry, but when there is a need for a mermaid, well if you have the skills, you have found a good niche. Whether it is profitable or not is debatable but if this is what you love doing for fun, then make sure employers know where to find you. There is actually a mermaid directory where you can list yourself.

Random Niche Business Idea #2 – Send Me Something Random Niche Store

Some people just love buying things online so this random niche business idea is perfect if you want to capture this market. There is an online store called Something Store that actually sells a random product for around $10.

Random Niche Business Idea #3 – Rent a Mourner Niche

This is a great random niche business idea if you don’t mind getting into this type of business. For whatever reason some people who are managing the funeral of another may want to have more people attend. There is a business in the UK that provides a rent a mourner service which is definitely a niche service.

Random Niche Business Idea #4 – Pizza Vending Machine Niche

If you know how to make a good pizza then the pizza vending machine niche is a great niche business to start. One business in Sydney operates these machines and the pizza is made in the machine in only 3 minutes.

Random Niche Business Idea #5 – Running Pants With Phone Holder Niche

As more and people use their phones to access apps whilst exercising there is a growing need for pants that have a pocket for a phone. This is not so much as such a random idea but one I thought of when I went for a run this morning and had nowhere to put my phone.

Random Niche Business Idea #6 – Ice Cream Flavor Creator Niche

The ice-cream flavor creator niche is perfect for those with a sweet-tooth and who love ice-cream. If you own your own ice-cream business and have trouble thinking of new flavors then why not outsource this component of your business to someone who is creative and has a great taste for ice-cream?

Random Niche Business Idea #7 – Heated Dog Bed Niche

If you love dogs and care for their well-being and know how to manufacture a heated dog bed then this is a perfect niche product.

Random Niche Business Idea #8 – Seniors Job Website Niche

Many seniors would still like to work but it is very hard for seniors to compete against younger job-seekers. Websites that advertise jobs for seniors do exist but more competition in this space would be fantastic.

Random Niche Business Idea #9 – Backyard Dog Poo Cleanup

Cleaning up dog poo is not fun and for some people it is actually difficult to do at all due to physical limitations so they would pay someone to come and do it for them. This is a great niche to get into as you could charge a decent fee for this service.

Random Niche Business Idea #10 – Election Assistance App

For some people, deciding who to vote for in elections is difficult. An app that helps people decide who to vote for based on their ideals and preferences towards a range of topics would be a great help.

Niche Candle Making Ideas

Niche Candle Making Business Ideas

Candle making has become extra popular over the last few years so finding a niche in candle making is tricky. Niche candle making business ideas take a bit of extra creativity to come up with, but with a bit of ingenuity it can be done.

People are becoming more conscious about what type of candles they buy and are they are leaning towards higher quality candles instead of candles filled with artificial ingredients. People will pay good money for handmade, natural candles, and some of these candles retail for over $60. Beeswax and soy candles are probably the most popular niches for candles right now however there still a few other niche opportunities left.

Below are a couple of niche candle making ideas you may want to consider.

Niche Candle Making Idea #1 – Man-Scented Candle Niche

Most candle scents are aimed towards women and not men, probably because more women buy them. That leaves this candle niche wide open! One young entrepreneur started selling candles for men that smelt like bacon, grass, leather, campfires, and coffee. Sounds like a good niche to me. Men would buy these candles and women would buy them as gifts for men.

Niche Candle Making Idea #2 – Food Candle Niche

The food candle niche would be fun to get into since people have become so obsessed with food and cooking. You could make candles shaped like food such as cakes, pies, candy, fruit, pastries, vegetables, or whatever else you have an interest in. These types of candles would make good additions to the kitchen even if just for ornamental purposes.

Niche Candle Making Idea #3 – Homemade Beeswax Candle Niche

If you know about bee keeping, then getting into the homemade beeswax candle niche would be easy. People will pay a high price for this premium product as it is both handmade and natural. If you don’t own any bees, you could source the beeswax yourself from a reputable source and create your own handmade candles.

Best Niche Business Ideas for 2016

5 Cool Niche Business Ideas for 2016

Every year niche business ideas change as what was relevant last year or last decade is not necessarily relevant today. As our digital changes, more and more opportunities arise. In the past decade, social media networks have boomed, and the digital landscape has changed enormously.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #1 – The Instagram Consulting Niche

More and more businesses and individuals are using Instagram as a way to connect to their audience. Some individuals who joined Instagram back when it first started are now big stars on the platform and get paid by big companies to endorse their products. Some of these people have definitely found their niche business idea in Instagram consulting and charge big bucks to campaign and market for them. Since Instagram has a reach of over 100’s of thousands of users, then it is definitely a growing niche.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #2 – The Food Truck Niche

Wow, these have really exploded this year, and we love the delicious treats these food trucks dish up. Street food has become some popular this decade, and more people want to run a business that they are passionate about and one that offers them to work from different locations (of course, some have fixed locations which they pay for). Buying a food truck is a much cheaper option than a bricks and mortar site and will be an exciting niche to watch.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #3 – Bamboo Clothing Niche

As people become more interested in natural and organic products, the bamboo clothing niche is one to watch. Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable products to make them feel like they are helping the environment and not contributing to the destruction of it.

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #4 – Reselling Weetbix Niche

This niche idea is for a bit a laugh, but no, seriously the Chinese have gone mad for it. First it was Australian baby formula, and now Weetbix! It appeared on some popular Chinese TV sitcom and now the Weetbix factory has gone into overdrive! Some people are apparently selling it online for approximately $50 (it only retails on supermarket shelves for a few dollars), which is a pretty good return on investment!

Niche Business Idea for 2016 #5 – Niche Online Weight-Loss Programs

The weight-loss niche has a lot of competition but it is still growing rapidly which obviously means that there is more room for growth. The trick here is to find a point of difference and a recent one that I saw was combining a weight loss program with a hormone supplement which would be of great interest to those who wish to lose weight and also have a hormone problem.


Niche Fashion Ideas

How To Start A Niche Fashion Business or Blog

Fashion is a very popular business or blog as let’s face it, most of us want to look good. Finding the right fashion niche is a matter of personal preference. What kind of clothes do you like wearing. Whether it is vintage, double-denim, or polka dots there are still plenty of niche fashion markets to get started in.

There are plenty of niche fashion idea blogs around that have extensive lists of fashion niches to get started in, however here are a few ideas below to get you started.

Niche Fashion Idea #1 – Retro Fashion

This is a great idea for those who are into fashion and music from times gone by. Whether it is the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s, each of one these era’s is a specific fashion niche in itself and many of these businesses are flourishing as people are specifically interested in one fashion era or more.

Niche Fashion Idea #2 – Polka Dot Fashions

Believe it or not, some people just love polka dots. Just do a search on polka dot fashions and you will see just how niche this market is.

Niche Fashion Idea #3 – Denim Fashions

Depending on how old you are, you may or may not remember the days of double-denim (layered denim style such as denim pants AND a denim jacket). It was a popular fashion choice back in the 80’s, but these days denim fashion is still hugely popular as most people have at least one pair of jeans. Other fashion types just love denim.

Niche Fashion Idea #4 – Sustainable Fashions

This one is already quite popular for the earth conscious fashionista. Bamboo fashions are starting to boom due to the fact that bamboo is durable and more sustainable than say nylon or other synthetic materials.

There are thousands of other niche fashion ideas out there and this market is not slowing down.


Niche Beer Brewing Ideas

How To Start a Niche Beer and Cider Brewing Business

This is a no-brainer niche idea for those who love beer.  Boutique beers have really taken off in the last few years and many of these boutique businesses are unable to keep up with demand! Micro-brewers are becoming more and more popular for the discerning beer drinkers.

Below are three niche beer brewing ideas to get you started.

Niche Beer Brewing Ideas

Niche Beer Brewing Business Idea #1 – Fruit-flavored beer and ciders

There are many fruit-flavored beers around, however the list of fruits that they are made from are somewhat similar. Beer made with fruits such as apple, pear, blackcurrant are common but what about the more uncommon fruits or even spices. Ginger beer has been around for years, and recently we’ve seen mango beer and others but there is still plenty of room for growth in this niche for sure.

Niche Beer Brewing Business Idea #2 – Spiced beer and ciders

Another growing niche will be spiced beer niche. Ginger beer has been around for decades or more, and recently we’ve seen chili beer, but what about other spices such as cinnamon and turmeric?

Niche Beer Brewing Business Idea #3 – Gluten Free Beer

As people seem to become more and more intolerant to gluten, the market for niche gluten free beer increases.


Niche Ideas for 3D Printing Business

How To Start a 3D Printing Niche Business

3D printing is a relatively new concept and is a great niche business to get into due to this. Now that 3D printers are much cheaper than what they were a few years ago, then the relative start-up costs for this type of business are greatly improved.

Below are five niche 3D printing ideas to get you thinking.

Niche 3D Printing Idea #1 – 3D Jewelry

If you love jewellery and are a creative type, then this is a great business to get into as the designs that you can create are only limited by your imagination. There is even free software available that allows you to create your own designs.

Niche 3D Printing Idea #2 – 3D Personalized Gifts

Offer your own 3D printed personalized gifts such as jewelry, decor, phone cases, games, or any of 1000’s of other products that can be personalized via more traditional methods.

Niche 3D Printing Idea #3 – 3D Printing Service

All you need is one key ingredient for this niche, yes, you guessed it, a 3D printer. The client provides you with what they want to print and you print it! A basic website with all your images of printed products will suffice for this service.

Niche 3D Printing Idea #4 – Courses in 3D Printing

This is a great niche if you know so much about 3D printing that you can teach others. Video courses would be a great way to show others how to get started.

Niche 3D Printing Idea #5 – 3D Printer Repair

If you are technically and mechanically minded and are handy, then this will be a a great niche as it will be a growing niche as 3D printers become more mainstream.



Niche Ideas

How to Find A Niche Market or Niche Product

How to Find A Niche Market or Niche Product

There are a number of steps to follow to find a niche.

Firstly you need to work out what your interests or passions are. Do you have a hobby? Surfing? Climbing mountains? What do you do in your spare time? Cook? Read? Keep bees? Do you belong to a club or association?

Here is a hobby list.

Secondly, you need to determine if the niche is profitable. Is the niche already flooded? A quick way of finding out how competitive your keywords are is to put them into google and checking the number of search results. You will also see how many PPC results there are for your keywords too.

Once you have found a niche, you then need to choose a domain name with the niche keywords in it. For instance if you want to sell pink and purple dog food then you would choose

Once you have decided on the above you can then concentrate on building your website or store. Firstly, though, you need a supplier unless you are providing the niche product or service yourself. There are many dropshipping and wholesale directories that you can take advantage of, some are free and some are paid. Other considerations for online stores are of course eBay and Amazon.