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Niche Beer Brewing Ideas

How To Start a Niche Beer and Cider Brewing Business

This is a no-brainer niche idea for those who love beer.  Boutique beers have really taken off in the last few years and many of these boutique businesses are unable to keep up with demand! Micro-brewers are becoming more and more popular for the discerning beer drinkers.

Below are three niche beer brewing ideas to get you started.

Niche Beer Brewing Ideas

Niche Beer Brewing Business Idea #1 – Fruit-flavored beer and ciders

There are many fruit-flavored beers around, however the list of fruits that they are made from are somewhat similar. Beer made with fruits such as apple, pear, blackcurrant are common but what about the more uncommon fruits or even spices. Ginger beer has been around for years, and recently we’ve seen mango beer and others but there is still plenty of room for growth in this niche for sure.

Niche Beer Brewing Business Idea #2 – Spiced beer and ciders

Another growing niche will be spiced beer niche. Ginger beer has been around for decades or more, and recently we’ve seen chili beer, but what about other spices such as cinnamon and turmeric?

Niche Beer Brewing Business Idea #3 – Gluten Free Beer

As people seem to become more and more intolerant to gluten, the market for niche gluten free beer increases.


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