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Niche Candle Making Ideas

Niche Candle Making Business Ideas

Candle making has become extra popular over the last few years so finding a niche in candle making is tricky. Niche candle making business ideas take a bit of extra creativity to come up with, but with a bit of ingenuity it can be done.

People are becoming more conscious about what type of candles they buy and are they are leaning towards higher quality candles instead of candles filled with artificial ingredients. People will pay good money for handmade, natural candles, and some of these candles retail for over $60. Beeswax and soy candles are probably the most popular niches for candles right now however there still a few other niche opportunities left.

Below are a couple of niche candle making ideas you may want to consider.

Niche Candle Making Idea #1 – Man-Scented Candle Niche

Most candle scents are aimed towards women and not men, probably because more women buy them. That leaves this candle niche wide open! One young entrepreneur started selling candles for men that smelt like bacon, grass, leather, campfires, and coffee. Sounds like a good niche to me. Men would buy these candles and women would buy them as gifts for men.

Niche Candle Making Idea #2 – Food Candle Niche

The food candle niche would be fun to get into since people have become so obsessed with food and cooking. You could make candles shaped like food such as cakes, pies, candy, fruit, pastries, vegetables, or whatever else you have an interest in. These types of candles would make good additions to the kitchen even if just for ornamental purposes.

Niche Candle Making Idea #3 – Homemade Beeswax Candle Niche

If you know about bee keeping, then getting into the homemade beeswax candle niche would be easy. People will pay a high price for this premium product as it is both handmade and natural. If you don’t own any bees, you could source the beeswax yourself from a reputable source and create your own handmade candles.

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